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How do I register a Lifestyle Gift Card?

Go to https://redeem.lifestylegiftcards.co.uk. If you are a new customer you’ll need to set up an account then follow the registration instructions. If you are an existing account holder, click the Login button then enter your Lifestyle Gift Card reference and security code of your new gift card. Your account will be credited with the value of your gift card.

How long is a Lifestyle Gift Card valid for?

Lifestyle Gift Cards and their associated credit are valid for two years (expiry) from the date of purchase and they must be redeemed within this period.

Can I use retailer gift cards/ e-gift cards in-store and online?

This depends on the type of gift card/e-gift card retailers offer so read the retailer’s Important Information and check out the link to their own full terms and conditions before you confirm your order. Some can be used online only or in-store only but many can be used both in-store and online.

Do I have to use credit on each of my Lifestyle Gift Card with a single retailer?

No. The Lifestyle Gift Card offers great flexibility and enables you to spend your credit however you wish and on as few or many retailers as you want. If you don’t spend the full value of your Lifestyle Gift Card, any unspent funds will be instantly credited to your account.

After I've swapped my Lifestyle Gift Card how long is the actual retailer gift card/e-gift card valid for?

Retailers’ own gift card/e-gift card expiry terms vary but are generally valid for between 6 and 24 months. Each retailer’s individual expiry terms are clearly displayed in Important Information on their respective information page (visible once you’ve registered and/or logged in).

Are there any extra fees charged by Lifestyle or retailers to redeem my Lifestyle Gift Card?

No. There are no fees or additional charges through the gift card redemption process.

What happens if my Lifestyle Gift Card gets lost/stolen?

To report a lost or stolen Lifestyle Gift Card, please email us at enquiries@thelifestylevoucher.co.uk. You must have your voucher reference in order for us to replace it. There is no re-issue fee if the gift card has not been used. We cannot accept any liability for deductions from your gift card prior to you notifying us. As soon as we are advised of the loss/theft of the gift card, we can block the gift card to prevent any further spending on it. However, we will require written confirmation of the loss/theft before we can replace the gift card.

What happens if the retailer gift card/e-gift card I've swapped my Lifestyle Voucher for gets lost or stolen?

Once you have swapped your Lifestyle Voucher you are subject to each retailer’s own gift card terms and conditions. Once the Lifestyle Voucher is swapped, Motivates is not liable for lost or stolen retailer gift cards/e-gift cards or dealing with enquiries relating to lost or stolen retailer gift cards/e-gift cards. You must contact the retailer direct.

Sometimes gift cards/e-gift cards are delivered to an incorrect postal or email address. As this information is provided exactly how customers submit it, it’s essential to ensure addresses are correct at the time of swapping your Lifestyle Voucher.

Where can I view how much Lifestyle credit I have?

Any credit you may have automatically shows at the top of the website next to the clearly marked heading Account Credit. For further details go to My Account.

Where can I view my past Lifestyle redemptions?

Your past redemptions can be found in the Statement section of My Account.

The Lifestyle website is telling me my Lifestyle Gift Card is already registered or invalid.

Please first re-enter your Lifestyle Gift Card details to make sure no errors were made on your previous attempt. If your Lifestyle Gift Card is still being reported as already registered or invalid go into My Account and check out the Statement section. You will see your current Lifestyle balance. If you cannot see the voucher amount on the balance or within the statement, please contact us on enquiries@thelifestylevoucher.co.uk.

Can I add money to my account to get more Lifestyle Gift Card or a higher value gift card?

Yes. Please email us on enquiries@thelifestylevoucher.co.uk with a convenient time and number to call you (during working hours). A member of the team will be more than happy to process a balance top up for you.

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What are your opening hours?

Lifestyle is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5.30pm, Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).

When is the last time I can order before the Christmas break?

Last order dates, delivery times, opening hours and courier charges will change over the Christmas and New Year period. For more information on all seasonal variations please contact us at enquiries@thelifestylevoucher.co.uk.