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Hospitality & ticketing

Want last minute tickets to impress a potential client? Need to say thanks to one of your most inspiring employees with a box. Looking to create an awesome end of year incentive to push your business to the next level? Then you have come to the right place - Wimbledon tennis to the Grand National to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix - we can help you. 

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What can Lifestyle Events do for you?

  • Hospitality tickets to an array of events including
  • Premier League football and rugby
  • Horse racing
  • F1 and Le Mans Motor Racing
  • Superstars of comedy and music
  • UK and worldwide offering
  • Exclusive seats and boxes
  • Celebratory guests
  • Backstage and green room passes
  • Group dinners
  • Travel
  • Group accommodation
Hospitality & Ticketing

Strengthening relationships

Corporate hospitality with Lifestyle provides an opportunity for your business to build and strengthen relationships with clients, customers, and employees. We'll help you host events such as dinners at sports events, or concerts. Letting your build appreciation and rapport with your guests.

Hospitality & Ticketing

Boosting reputation

We know that inviting the people important in your world to amazing Premier League games, Boxing, F1 or the Grand National for example, can enhance your company's reputation by demonstrating commitment to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term relationships.

Hospitality & Ticketing

Increased sales

Choosing Lifestyle Business to support your in hosting events for clients or customers will help generate leads and increase sales. Our events are designed to build awareness and promote your products and services to potential customers.

Hospitality & Ticketing

Employee engagement

We all love seeing awesome, world renowned talent at work. Whether that be in sport, music or comedy. That's why so many of our clients use Lifestyle Business events to motivate and engage their employees. It shows that the company values their input


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