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Incentive travel

Incentive Travel is the ultimate motivator. Over the years we've organised 100s of trips from short breaks to London for two lucky winners to company wide extravaganza's to Las Vegas. It's not just about amazing locations it's the experiences - dune buggy racing in Dubai, private dining in the Shard or even helicopters over the Grand Canyon - we love it!

What can Lifestyle Events do for you?

  • Bespoke trips
  • Access to the best hotels in the UK and abroad
  • Access to the hottest experiences in the UK and abroad
  • Fully concierge trip including flights, hotels and transfers
  • Excellent partnerships with leading suppliers
  • Winner management
  • Bespoke food and beverage
  • Venue tours and menu tasting
  • Concierge on trip support
Lifestyle Events

Watch our event to Prague for CeX

Incentive Travel

Increase motivation

We love creating incentive travel trips that boost our partners people with a tangible and exciting rewards for achieving their goals.  We know it's a no brainer that the prospect of a luxurious trip to a desirable destination is a powerful motivator for many people, which can inspire them to work harder and smarter.

Incentive Travel

Improved team building

All the incentive travel events we create are tailored to be great opportunities for team building and bonding. It's so important to allow team members to get to know each other outside of the workplace, which can help to build stronger relationships and improve communication.

Incentive Travel

Boosted productivity

Incentive travel is a huge boost to productivity. The delegates or winners that go on our organised trips are much more likely to be motivated and engaged in their work when they know there is a chance to earn a trip to a desirable location.

Incentive Travel

Enhanced loyalty

The winners on Lifestyle incentive travel programs never forget their amazing experiences. These bonding events foster a real loyalty to each other and the business. They feel valued and appreciated by their employer or partners. We see it lead to increased job satisfaction and a reduced turnover rate.

Incentive Travel

Increased sales and revenue

Sales people are like carrots - they love rewards. It makes them work harder and stay longer. The Incentive travel programs Lifestyle Business create help drive sales and revenue growth, as our clients employees are motivated to achieve sales targets and improve the bottom line.


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